Farm Fresh Produce

We work with local farms to bring you this season's freshest produce, Straus milk, Acme bread and your basic staples.

No Waiting

Get your groceries within hours of ordering, and get back to doing what you love.

Minimal Packaging

We deliver all your groceries in a reusable, eco-friendly tote with ice packs. We pick up all packaging with your next order.

What Our Customers Say

Fresh, local food. No hidden fees, same price as the store.

 Erika just gave you  $15 off your first order + $25 off your second!

  Erika gave you $15 off your first order + $25 off your second!

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"The produce was fantastic"
I used Farmstead recently and was very impressed. The produce was fantastic -- and I'm not someone who gushes over less than excellent service/products.

- Maia K., San Francisco

"Good options & very responsive"
We have been using Farmstead for well over a year!! We love it. Good options & very responsive—keeps us from having to run around for eggs and basic produce!!

- Alka R., Union City

"Love this service"
Love this service and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE. They offer free delivery, and glass deposit refund so easy!

- Jade L., Mountain View

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